Local SEO

Grow your business by ranking higher on local search results

Proven methodologies to propel your business forward on local and map search results.

Local search optimization impacts your company’s bottom line

You need the phone to ring. That’s why your business needs to be found in the local search results – particularly on Google My Business (aka Google Places).

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Today, consumers are overwhelmingly turning to search engines to find local information or a business.

  • 82% use search engines
  • 57% use Yellow Pages directories
  • 53% use local newspapers
  • 49% use Internet Yellow Pages
  • 49% use TV
  • 38% use direct mail
  • 32% use White Pages directories

The percentage of people using search engines and email newsletters has constantly increased while the number using newspapers, magazines, and radio keeps declining.  (Source: Webvisible & Nielsen)

Understanding local search rankings

There are many factors that contribute to a website ranking high on a local search.  These can be validation of your business listing across super directories, local maps, directory citations on smaller websites, accuracy of business listing, the number of reviews and most importantly ensuring that your website content and images contain the right mix of keywords that help search engines identify your business.

How Google My Business (aka Places) collects and validates your business listing information.

We build local-search visibility that lasts

When it comes to starting a local search project, we take the “measure twice, cut once” approach.  Our local SEO team audits every facet of your business listings as well as your website. After communicating the audit, we provide you with a documentation that shows exactly what we’ll be working on.  In some cases, we may visit your local business and help with manual verification of your top business directories.  We’re committed to doing everything in our power to help you rank higher.

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