Pay Per Click Advertising

A cost effective way of reaching your target audience

We put your business in front of a very targeted audience at the critical time when they are ready to buy.

When you advertise with pay-per-click, you are almost guaranteed to occupy one of the top-three positions on search engines. In addition to search, pay-per-click has extended to social media (i.e. Facebook) and mobile apps, increasing your reach to an even greater segment of your local market.

Our approach to pay per click


Many companies can setup a pay per click program, but our approach is different. Before we setup your campaign, we analyze and fine-tune your website to make sure that it’s ready to convert a prospect to a customer.  We utilize website heat mapping technologies to see where your visitors are clicking and provide suggestions that you can forward to your web team for implementation. Our goal is for your website to be optimally positioned before we start any advertising program.

Benefits you can expect

As a certified Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) partner, hhpage creates your campaign using tried and tested keywords that are high performing and fit within your desired daily or monthly budgets.

Immediate Search Visibility – If your company needs strong search engine visibility, pay per click advertising is the fastest way to show up on the search engines and social media sites such as Facebook.

Reduced Costs – From proven keyword expansion and bid management techniques to ad testing and landing page optimization, we utilize best of breed technologies to support human expertise and deliver traffic and new customers at the most cost efficient manner possible. Don’t hire an employee and pay for expensive technology when you can get both from us.

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