Pay Per Click

Get Your PPC Campaign on the Road to Success

If you’re looking for an expert PPC management company that can generate new patient leads while reducing your cost per lead, look no further. We have been delivering results for our clients since 2005. At HHPage we have the strategic skill and campaign implementation overseen by experienced PPC managers. We monitor every campaign on a real-time basis to ensure that every dollar spent for keywords is geared to the right audience.

PPC advertising is a rapid route to increasing website visitors and generating leads. While SEO is more of a marathon, we view PPC as a sprint. With the right budget and strategy, we help our clients obtain immediate visibility for even the most competitive keywords.

Let us handle your PPC and get:

New Customer Leads and Growth
This is the primary reason why most clients invest in PPC advertising to begin with. To sustain the momentum, continuous campaign monitoring and improvements are required. Our professional staff of PPC managers knows how to achieve this.

Solid Leads From Your Target Market
HHPage treats every campaign with the goal of reaching an ever more relevant target audience. Better quality leads results in more new patients. That is why we use advanced keyword matches to reach patients that are most likely to start and pay for their orthodontic treatment. Through continuous refinements in keywords, ad copy, landing page design and technical campaign management, we find better audience segments.

Increase in Conversions
HHPage uses the results of PPC campaigns to enhance your website conversion. With PPC, we derive useful data, an understanding of the effectiveness of your landing page and calls to action, to make suggestions to convert more visitors to patients. Conversion optimization and PPC are powerful Internet marketing tools on their own, but when we merge them, we often see results greater than the sum of their parts.

Branding Benefits
When you advertise in PPC, you are placing your brand in front of a targeted audience. During our PPC campaigns, search engine users are exposed to your brand repeatedly for queries related to your business type. Even when no direct or immediate conversion from a PPC ad occurs, the totality of ads in the campaign adds up to an ever-increasing pool of target prospects favorably disposed to do business with you.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Target the right audience
  • Show up for your best keywords
  • Pay when an interested person clicks
  • Set your budget to control costs